PHP MSSQL Extension

Here you can find the Microsoft SQL extension DLL for php.

I have built these from the PHP source code from their website and using the SQL2000 SDK that I found on a original CD long time ago. I have personally not tested these files, but there might be a chance that you must find a newer version of ntwdblib.dll depending on your SQL server, the DLL provided should work with SQL Server 2008 R2.

php versionfilesizebuild date 
5.3.10144 kb2012Download
5.3.28144 kb2014-05-05Download
5.4.0144 kb2012Download
5.4.28144 kb2014-05-05Download
5.5.12143 kb2014-05-05Download

You need to make sure that you are using php threadsafe version and only 32-bits.



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